Male Warrior


Female Warrior

"These are dangerous times, and warriors are those that have decided to meet this danger head-on. Can wield martial weapons and armor."

Warrior Skills Edit

Martial Training - (Innate Skill) The Warrior can equip martial weapons and heavy armor without restriction, and gains a combat bonus based on experience level.

Tough - The Warrior receives an extra toughness point in combat, a chance to resist physical status ailments, and is less likely to be seriously wounded after combat. Can upgrade to Unstoppable.

Comet Arc - The Warrior may sacrifice reaction attacks to perform a brutal attack which blows through the shield and parrying abilities of its intended target. Can upgrade to Meteor Shower.

Apprentice Smith - Unlocks a few martial weapon and armor blueprints, and smithing weapons or armor can be taken as a Combat action by the Warrior. Can upgrade to Journeyman Smith.

Expert Fencer - The Warrior has become adept at fending off multiple foes, negating 1 flanking attack per round, plus gaining an extra reaction attack, and an initiative bonus. Can upgrade to Quicksilver Reflex.