This is an index of all non-equipable resources in FreeHolder.  Some resources are needed for heating to survive the winter, some are building materials to create add-ons to your Villa, many are food items raw, smoked, pickled, or cooked. There are also many materials that can be used for crafting and enchantments.

Heating Materials
Resource Rarity Location


Common Forest


Bloodmoss Rare Forest 

(Fall )

Cooked Foods
Resource Rarity Location


Common The Villa - Culina
Bread Uncommon

The Villa - Culina

Raw Foodstuffs
Resource Rarity Location


Common Any Tile - Hunting


Lake - Fishing
Parsnips Common Farmland
Radishes Common Farmland
Wheat Common Farmland
Beans Common Farmland
Cabbage Common Farmland
Beets Common Farmland
Great Meat Uncommon Any Tile - Hunting
Asparagus Uncommon Market
Sugar Parsnips Uncommon Farmland
Cheese Uncommon Pasture w/ Goat
Smoked Foods
Resource Rarity Location

Smoked Fish

Uncommon The Villa - Smokehouse
Pickled Foods
Resource Rarity Location

Pickled Parsnips

Uncommon The Villa - Pickling Cupboard
Pickled Cabbage Uncommon The Villa

 Pickling Cupboard

Pickled Radishes Uncommon The Villa

 Pickling Cupboard

Pickled Fish Uncommon The Villa

 Pickling Cupboard

Pickled Beets Uncommon The Villa

 Pickling Cupboard

Pickled Asparagus Rare The Villa

 Pickling Cupboard

Pickled Sugar Parsnips Rare The Villa

 Pickling Cupboard

Crafting Materials
Resource Rarity Location


Common Any Tile - Hunting
Copper Ore


Anywhere w/ Copper Mine
Handle Common The Villa
Pole Common The Villa
Wool Common Pasture w/ Sheep
Sinew Uncommon Any Tile - Hunting
Copper Uncommon The Villa
Hilt Uncommon The Villa
Leather Uncommon The Villa
Amphora Uncommon The Villa
Cloth Uncommon The Villa
Herbs & Reagents
Resource Rarity Location


Common Forest /Meadow


Common Heathlands
Salt Common Ash Plains
Garlic Uncommon Meadow
Rue Uncommon Heathlands
Sulfur Uncommon Ash Plains
Spider's Silk Uncommon Forest
Mandragora Rare Heathlands (Spring )
Poppy Rare Meadow (Summer )
Bloodmoss Rare Forest (Fall )
Nightshade Rare Ash Plains (Winter )

Building Materials
Resource Rarity Location


Common Forest
Clay Common Lake / Mountain
Stone Uncommon Anywhere w/ Stone Pit
Reed Uncommon Marsh
Willow Rare Woods
Marble Rare Anywhere w/ Quarry
Art Objects
Resource Rarity Location

Wooden Doll

Common The Villa
Clay Figurine Common The Villa
Reed Basket Common The Villa