Male Ranger


Female Ranger

"A hardened survival expert who is most at home in forests. Exceptionally skilled with ranged weapons of all types."

Ranger Skills Edit

Marksmanship - (Innate Skill) The Ranger receives a combat bonus with ranged weapons based on experience level, and can equip any ranged weapon without restriction.

Tracking - The Ranger now has improved hunting success, and automatically assesses the concentration of game or predators in a hex. A critical skill for those who wish to rely on game to eat. Can upgrade to Pathfinding.

Forestry - The Ranger may now use the Clear Cut action in Forests, and automatically assesses the health of the forests in a hex, as well as preventing loss of timber levels when the Ranger collects it. Can upgrade to Treefriend.

Wildhome - Allows the Ranger to take one action each turn in an unclaimed hex. This can ease the strain on the resources of your claimed hexes, and open up new options. Can upgrade to Outlander.

Foraging - When claiming land with the Ranger, your party will receive a small amount of wild food, if the terrain is suitable. Can upgrade to Swift Scavenger.