Freeholder nutrition chart

Food Nutrition Sale Price Perishable %
Beans 2
Beets 4
Cabbage 6 8s
Cheese 6
Fish 6 6s 80%
Great Meat 12 16s
Meat 10 10s
Pickled Asparagus 5 16s 0%
Pickled Fish 6 0%
Radishes 3
Smoked Fish 5 0%
Sugar Parsnips 5
Working on perishability and the rest of foodstuffs at the moment.  Perishability should be a good indicator (once done) of how much food you are likely to lose.  For instance, if you have 5 fish with an 80% perishability you should lose 4 fish at the end of the month.  More data is needed for perishability.