Male Initiate


Female Initiate

"A perceptive self-taught magician who can study a wide variety of magical disciplines. Can perform rudimentary enchantments."

Initiate Skills Edit

The Initiate, unlike other classes, is allowed to choose 1 of 3 base skills randomly selected from the 9 available. The upgraded skills will be available with the introduction of Advanced Classes. Like other classes however the Initiate does have an innate skill.

Magician's Tome - (Innate skill) The Initiate begins with knowledge of 4 basic enchantments.

Herbology - (Sorcery) The Initiate makes two herb gathering rolls instead of one and takes both results. They can also assess reagent concentration in a plot.

Mycology - (Sorcery) The character is able to locate rare reagents in off-season, and may now hunt for mushrooms in an attempt to find exotic reagents.

Cleromancy - (Arcane) By examining the skeins of fate, advice for the correct course of action can be sought, The party receives a small divination bonus to all of their rolls as long as the Initiate is not very ill or wounded.

Book of Thoth - (Arcane) An esoteric system of symbols and rituals allows information to be gleaned from a magical deck of cards. Astrology appears to influence its power. The party receives an annually variable divination bonus to all of their rolls.

Cleansing Rites - (Theurgy) By invoking the names of the proper Gods with the proper rituals, the party gets a boost to resist disease, and contagion effects are halved. Also, Deathly Illness is slightly less lethal when contracted.

Sanctify - (Theurgy) The gods have increased their bestowal of favor and in addition to even more strongly repelling disease, the party's wounds will heal more rapidly.

Scrying - (Arcane) Attunement to the astral sphere result in occasional intuitions about events that area about to occur. who can say what the future holds?

Humble Aspect - (Theurgy) A supernaturally humble aspect suffuses the Initiate. quest rewards are increased and enemies find it hard to strike them up close.

Weatherlore - (Sorcery) The Initiate will now sometimes accurately predict the type and duration of upcoming weather events.