Male Gardener


Female Gardener

"A talented farmer with a green thumb and a bevy of practical knowledge, Gardeners make growing crops much safer and easier."

Gardener Skills Edit

Soilreading - (Innate Skill) Your party can now see the timers for nutrient recovery in all farmland tiles.

Speedreaper - The first Harvest each month performed by the Gardener costs only one action. In addition, Cover Crop is now a free action. Can upgrade to Blinkreaper.

Threshing -The party receives a cash refund when planting wheat, and gains a moderate bonus when planting and harvesting wheat. Can upgrade to Seedbank.

Mulching - Unlocks the Apply Mulch action for the Gardener, which protects a plot against weather, pests, and drought and helps speed nutrient recovery in the soil. Can upgrade to Terramancy.

Adaptation - Agriculture actions can now also be spent by the Gardener to gather reed, clay, or firewood. Can upgrade to Scythe of Saturn.