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What Is FreeHolder?Edit

- Survival on the Frontier of Ancient Rome.  You must avoid starvation and frostbite while working under the thumb of a corrupt census taker, and turn the tables on him. 

- A Unique Blend of Genres.  From farmsim to survival, role-playing to strategy, FreeHolder presents a compelling and revitalizing blend of classic game genres. 

- Detailed Character Evolution.  With seven classes and over thirty skills (with many more of each planned), you can be everything from a master sculptor to a hardened warrior to an efficient rancher.

- Roguelike, not Roguelite.  Challenging and highly replayable, like games should be. Over a dozen procedurally generated factors gives you a new experience each game. 

- Original Retro Soundtrack by Blue Mage.  Drawn from a lifetime of obsessive involvement with video game music, the soundtrack for FreeHolder has been crafted to evoke memories of the classic console era. 

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