Each Class in FreeHolder is meant to give the player a unique skill set to progress through the game with. They provide a wide variety of play-styles from humble farming and industriousness to combat and espionage.

The player character starts Level 1 and can choose any basic class.

Kaius and Lydia start as Level 0 Farmhands, which level into a choice of 2 classes, depending on the Actions taken by those characters. Have Kaius watering and harvesting crops all the time with the occasional hunt? He'll be able to level into a choice of Gardener or Ranger.

Each Class also has it's own set of Skills to choose from to enhance particular Actions associated with that class. (Ex: Lvl. 1 Ranger with the Tracking skill grants the ability to sense game numbers in tiles as well as improves chance of Hunting success.)

Class Specialization
Farmhand N/A
Agent Espionage
Artisan Construction
Gardener Agriculture
Initiate Magic
Rancher Husbandry
Ranger Survival
Warrior Combat