Male Artisan

"A skilled worker of materials, from intricate crafting to building construction to fine art. Extremely handy."

Artisan Skills Edit


Female Artisan

Geomantic Signs - (Innate Skill) Your party can now see the density of clay and stone concentrations on any tile where they are available.

Excavation - The Artisan can see the availability of marble in a hex, and may build Stone Pits and Quarries personally with a timber discount. Can upgrade to Deep Mining.

Aesthetics - The Artisan may now craft simple Art Objects at the Fabrica, which can be sold or given as gifts. This does not consume CP. The Spinnery, Smelter, and Pottery allow the Artisan to craft additional object types. Can upgrade to Fine Artistry.

Customization - When crafting, the Artisan receives a bonus and unlocks critical crafting successes. Also, the Artisan receives 1 extra strength when attacking with any melee weapon he or she has crafted. Can upgrade to Mastercraft.

Careful Planner - The party receives a small reduction in the material cost of all building projects and upgrades. Can upgrade to Architecture.