Male Agent

"Sometimes things need to be done quietly. The Agent is comfortable with smuggling, infiltration, and general thievery."


Female Agent

Agent Skills Edit

Seal of Silence - (Innate Skill) The Agent receives a stealth roll in combat. The basic stealth value improves as the character levels.

Thiefcraft - The Agent can create various items useful for thieves at the Fabrica, including throwing knives and cloaks. This can be done with Espionage actions. Can upgrade to Dark Gadgetry.

Sticky Fingers - The Agent has a chance to steal a bit of extra money during Influence actions. This is independent of the result of the action. Can upgrade to Whisperhands.

Opportunist - The Agent attacks with double flanking bonuses in combat, and receives an extra reaction attack each round. Can upgrade to Crippling Strike.

Arms Dealer - The Agent is a veteran of illicit good trading, receiving a substantial bonus to both smuggling rolls and the value of black market contracts. Can upgrade to Shadowrunner.