This is the Action index.

Actions require Action Points (AP for short) to be executed.  

Any ClassEdit

Claim Land (1 AP)

Survival (Ranger)Edit

Hunting (1 AP)

Fishing (1 AP)

Chop Timber (1 AP)

Gather Firewood (1 AP)

Survey Land (2 AP).

Construction (Artisan)Edit

Gather Clay (1 AP)

Gather Stone (1 AP)

Dig Stone Pit (1 AP)

Construct Quarry (2 AP)

Construct Mine (2 AP)

Gather Marble (1 AP)

Husbandry (Rancher) Edit

Milk Goats (1 AP)

Shear Sheep (1 AP)

Handfeed (1 AP)

Fence Pasture (1 AP)

Ship Goods (1 AP + Available Mule) (Town View Action)

Agriculture (Gardener) Edit

Plow and Sow (2 AP)

Water (1 AP)

Harvest (2 AP)

Slash and Burn (2 AP)

Apply Mulch (1 AP)

Cover Crop (1 AP)

Magic (Initiate) Edit

Gather Reagents (1 AP)


Secret Upwelling

Familiar Spirits


Combat (Warrior) Edit

Patrol (1 AP) (Town View Action)

Assault (2 AP) (Town View Action)

Espionage (Agent) Edit

Influence (1 AP) (Town View Action)

Smuggle (1 AP) (Town View Action)